Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

SAFARI RENT A CAR hereinafter called “Lessor”, hereby rents Vechicle to Customer subject to all terms and conditions of this Aggreemens, in consideration where of Customer hereby acknowledges and agrees.

1. This Aggreement consists of all the terms and conditions on this page, whether printed or written in website. “Customer” means the person(s) signing this agreement and any other person or organization to whom charges are billed by Lessor at the direction of the person so signing, all of mechanical condition identigied on the written voucher (when taking the vechicle).

2. Vechicle is the sole property of Lessor. This is an agreement of rental only. Customer is not Lessor;s agent for any purpose. Customer acknowledged that he accquires no right other tha stated in this Agreement.

3. Customer shall return Vechicle to Lessor at the location where reined o other rental office. If designation in ths Agreement, on the return date specified on this Agreement or sooner if demanded by Lessor. Lessor reserves the right to repossess the Vechicle at any time without demand at Customers’s expense if Vechicle is used in violation of this Agreement in the event of loss or damage to Vehicle while on rental whether or not due to the fault of Customer. Customer Shall pay to Lessor on demand the amount of alla resulting loss and expenses of Lessor except:

(a) if Customer has complied with all terms and condition of this Agreement, but not otherwise, then Customer in NOT responsible for direct and accidntal loss or damage to Vehicle from fire or theft.
(b) if Customer has complied with all terms and condition of this Agreement, but not otherwise. Customer’s responsibility for direct and accidental loss or damage to Vehicle Walver at time of rental by initialling in “I Accept this terms” boc of the reservation webpage.

4. Customer shal pay Lessor on demand at the temination of the rental, unless agreed otherwise the sum of:

(a) Time and mileage charges computed at the rates show in this Agreement
(b) Basic, minimum service and other charges when applicable to the rental.
(c) Sales and use taxes on the rental, or te amount charges by Lessor as reimbursement for sales and use taxes on the acquisition or use of Vechicle
(d) Lessor’s cost, including attomey’s deels, delay interest incurred on collectin payments due from Customer unde this Agreement.
(e) Fines, penalties forteitures, court costs and other expenses if assessed against Lessor under compuision of law, with respect to use of Vehicle while on rental to Customer, unless due to Lessor’s fault but this shall not reliece Customer or any person of direct responsibility to any federal, state of municipal body for this own unlawdul conduct. All charges are subject to final audit.
(f) cedited discounts will be recalled if settlement of account is not made within the set limits.

5. Customer release and holds Lessor, its agents and employees, harmless from alla claims for loss or damage to personal property of Customer or any other person left or carried in or upon Vehicle or any service Vehicle of Lessor by Customer or such other person or received, handled or stored by lessor, at any time before during or after thi rental whether or not same is due to Lessor’s negligence or other fault.

6. Vehicle shall NOT be used:

(a) Against the tems and condition of this Agreement
(b) to carry person or property for hire.
(c) to carry more persons that it is licensed for.
(d) to propel or low any vehicle, trailed or other object.
(e) to transfer or carry heacy luggage or objects, inflammable materials, staning or badly smelling goods, narcotics.
(f) in any race test or contest
(g) while Customer or any other driver of the Vehivle is under the influence of alcohol hallucinatory drugs, narcotics or barbiturates.
(h) outside Greece without the advance authorization of Lessor.
i) outside Kos island without the advance authorization of Lessor